apples and conifers

7 Nov

today we headed to the Trent wildlife sanctuary trails to gather supplies for dream catchers- at the beginning of our hike we found a pile of freshly cut cedar boughs as a result of trail maintenance, so we didn’t have to harvest any from living trees. returning to the forest after dropping our bounty off in the truck, we continued our search for conifer trees, each with their own properties and uses. down a small path that didn’t show to be used very often, we stopped to take some photos as what will probably be one of the last opportunities to catch the sun between branches bearing colorful leaves. here we found a beautiful white pine tree that we climbed (and katie realized she had poop on her shoe, as usual) and gathered some needles for tea :]

we collected thin dogwood strips, tried identifying teeny mushrooms on the leaf littered floor and visited some pine trees overlooking grassy day-beds. as the sun began to set, we filled two bags with about 8lbs of weather beaten, wild red apples! they are so delicious and plentiful; we’re planning on attempting to make apple cider vinegar soon and they would work perfectly. the cold crept in as the sun set quicker thanks to the time change, but it felt sooo good to be outside, making use of what autumn has to offer- foraging and harvesting feels so natural, we’re like little kids while doing it.


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