echinacea purpurea

20 Nov

We’ve been horrible blog up-keepers, writing once a week, so this post will include a few topics..
There have been a few frosts so today was a good day to harvest the echinacea from the backyard. the prime time to harvest the roots is when the plant has matured 2-3 years, so we gathered a cluster of third year growth and left the others for collecting flowers in the spring. it was difficult to retrieve all the small, fragile threads but we dug around the plant and collected as much as we could while taking care not to damage any of the surrounding root systems. we removed a bunch of the soil with the hose and did further extensive washing, scrubbing and separating inside. the roots should be chopped while they are fresh, even if drying, because they will become extremely woody. it feels great to have gotten the echinacea done as we’ve been procrastinating and need to get the tinctures and cold blends started before winter sets in. it seems strange to see greenery under decaying litter just two days after a light snowfall, but it’s a nice reminder of all the excitement that spring will bring.. although maybe we should save the anticipation since we haven’t even made it to winter yet haha.

A few days ago Adam’s old school vita-mix had its last run, so we’ve been unable to make our beloved banana ice cream and smoothies until a replacement or repair happens.. we also made our first Kombucha sale! a woman contacted us by phone through an ad we posted and picked up two bottles of the original and one of the ginger yay! on saturday we went to the farmers market and filled out an application for an 8 week rented spot to be a vendor starting this january, so fingers crossed we get accepted! the market at the college is a temporary no-go as they sort out what is allowed and what isn’t, and since we’re just starting out having not thought of insurance and are expected to have it to sell a few hand crafted goods..

On a lighter note, we bottled our second batch of ‘booch. it was small but we started to experiment with a citrus flavour and added some freshly squeezed organic grapefruit juice to a few bottles.. tried one tonight, it might need a little more sweetness but it was delicious and sooo fizzy! oh, and this is what we had for dinner tonight.. we use to make roasted veggie pizza full of heavy oil but have lately been addicted to a half-raw version. using whatever flour we have (spelt, buckwheat, brown rice) to make our own really thin pizza crust, we bake it and then put on the sauce base and whatever veggies we can find once the crust has cooled. usually we use a home-made pesto or one from ‘sunflower kitchen’ but tonight made a cooked curry squash sauce. we will probably never go back to our old pizza ways.
(complete with nutritional yeast)  (before the greens :))

curry squash base)

until next week.. or tomorrow.. or whenever we stop procrastinating,


One Response to “echinacea purpurea”

  1. Kev November 21, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    I’m sooo proud of you guys. Sorry to hear about the Vita-Mix. Can’t wait to try your booch one day! Good luck with the farmers market. I’m sure you’ll be a hit!

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