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full moon

11 Nov

Yesterday was one of those days where someone close to you is saying something and you add to it but end up reading their mind and oddly finishing their sentence, over and over. maybe it’s a sign you hangout with them too much haha.. or that it was a full moon- and we’re bottling our brew.. how fitting. yesterday we got the ingenious idea to use beer bottles for our kombucha and found a bunch here at home along with an antique bottle sealer. we bought a bunch of crown beer caps from the local brewery and have been sanitizing the hell out of everything. after much taste testing and stickiness, voila! let us introduce you to our organic ‘Cosmic Tea’- the clear bottles have added pieces of ginger and the amber are original,

what is amazing is that our first starter tea that lives on through each batch originated from British Columbia! we bought a wine bottle of wormwood kombucha at BASSCOAST festival in Squamish from a camp neighbour, and brought it home with us across the country.

we’re going to call the college tomorrow and see if we can sneak into the market next week- maybe we will finally be able to share our first finished creation. we’ll post about the amazing health benefits of this delicious fermented tea very soon.

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